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Career Boost

Our new Career Boost program consists of three one-on-one coaching sessions with one of our experienced career coaches. Completely customizable, this program is tailored to meet you where you are in your career search.

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Coaching Corner

We invite you to join Kari Cravalho and Kavita Ahuja as they explore personal and professional development topics.  Learn from these coaches about how to gain new awareness, navigate transitions you may be going through, create breakthroughs for yourself, and ultimately empower the future that you desire.  The videos are designed to be short, informative, and helpful in offering you just-in-time support and resources.

Do you have a particular topic that you’d like Kari and Kavita to cover?  Or is there a question that you have been sitting with for a while now?  Please submit your question here and we will be sure to get you the support you need.

Coaching 101

Always wondered what coaching is and what it could do for you? Listen to Kari Cravalho explain what coaching is and what it isn’t and what it could do to support you. Kari also discusses:
  • The difference between coaching, therapy and consulting.
  • Explains the difference between 1:1 coaching and group coaching.
  • Examples of a few coaching topics she has working on with clients

Crafting Your Summary Statement

A well-crafted summary statement can be a powerful branding tool to communicate to a prospective employer you are the right individual for the job. The summary statement can also function as an executive summary of the skills and experiences you bring to the table. Follow these step-by-step instructions as you update the summary statement on your resume. Included is a sample summary statement for your reference.

Is A Skills-Based Resume Right For You?

If you answer yes to any of these questions below, a skills-based resume, sometimes called a functional resume, may be right for you. Do you have several short-term positions, internships or temporary assignments, rather than long-term work history? Are there significant gaps in your work history, typically a year or more? Are you embarking on a new career and don’t have a large amount of work experience in the specific field or industry?

For an additional resource, look at this article below from The Muse.

NextGroup's Guide To Pitching Yourself

Being able to effectively tell your story is an important part of networking and the job search process. Click on the button below to view the pitch worksheet with step-by-step instructions to craft your personal pitch. There are many situations where your pitch can be applied, including but not limited to: informational interviews, cover letters and many social situations. Create your personal pitch today!

Limiting Beliefs, What's Possible When They Don't Run The Show: April 20, 2023

No matter what phase of your career you are in, it’s natural to feel held back by your thoughts and limiting beliefs. It can be a challenge, but with the right resources and support, you can let go of these thoughts and empower the future you desire. During this group coaching experience, you will have an opportunity for self-reflection. By the end, you will better understand what is holding you back, gain clarity on what’s possible, and feel more confident to move forward.

Fireside Chat: March 30, 2023

This first fireside chat features Kim Glover. She sits down with Ayan Elmi to discuss Ayan’s journey from Connecticut to Evanston and Northwestern University’s camps supporting the Dean of Students at the Kellogg School of Management. Hear Ayan’s story as she talks about her job search process and what it’s like to work in higher education.

Rediscovering Yourself As You Transition In Your Career And Life: March 16, 2023

Coach and Facilitator Kavita Ahuja, guides you through the first steps to rediscover yourself as you transition in your career and life. Using a proven framework, Kavita will help you answer these questions during this workshop: What are my true strengths and gifts? What am I passionate about, and how to I bring this passion into my work and life?