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Fierce Woman Feature – Tosha Wilson

“Tosha Wilson is a true inspiration. I had the honor of attending the YWCA – YWomen Awards this month, and she was among three amazing women alongside Robin Rue Simmons and Kristen Drake who were honored.

Tosha’s presence and impact in the community is deep. She is a changemaker in the Evanston community and well beyond as a police officer who grew up in Evanston and works every day to make it a place for black and brown families, in particular, to thrive. This work laid the seeds for her to find ways to invest back in the community she loves and share that vision with others.

Currently, Tosha and several other lifelong members of the Evanston community are launching The Aux, a community-focused wellness hub located in Evanston’s 2nd ward. The Aux is an innovative joint venture between nonprofit and for profit entities to create a space where black and brown businesses are cultivated and grown, while also providing an example and health/wellness mecca for the community.

“The Aux is short for ‘auxiliary cord,’ so we want to plug back into the community and each other and ourselves,” Wilson said. If you want to learn more about the Aux and its work, modeled after a similar program in Minneapolis go to

In her acceptance speech at the YWomen event, Tosha said, “All of what we do is community business. It’s everyone’s business and business can be for everyone. I encourage you all to learn more about this work and become a part of it if you are able!”

-Candance Chow, NextGroup Cofounder