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Fierce Woman Feature – Qwandra Drummer

Qwandra Drummer entered the stage at the Inspire Luncheon hosted by Connections for the Homeless last Thursday with an air of joy, lightness, and self-confidence that’s hard to find. She immediately captured the audience’s attention in all pink and smiles.  But, the story she told not only captured attention, it also brought tears and definitely changed some perspectives, if not lives in that room.  

QwandraDrummer, an attorney and mother of six, shared her experience with homelessness. She spoke of her journey from getting ready to pitch a tent in the dead of winter during the pandemic because she was fearful her children would stay in the shelters near her home in Naperville. She spoke of receiving the call from Connections and traveling to Evanston to be housed in the Orrington Hotel in a suite – and crying when she walked through the door. She spoke of studying for the bar late at night and early in the morning while her six children slept and almost gave up if it weren’t for the support of Connections team members. That was three years ago. Now, Attorney QwandraDrummeroffers the same loving guidance to her clients, who are also often going through traumatic periods in their lives.  

Qwandra’s perseverance, dedication, and smarts (former engineer turned lawyer) definitely make her a fierce woman. And, those cowboy boots are FIRE!

Thank you to Qwandra for sharing her story and showing how the right support at the right time can make a huge difference for individuals, families, and communities.

Candance Chow, NextGroup Co-founder