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Fierce Woman Feature – Naomi Munyasya

About 9 months ago, I received an out-of-the-blue LinkedIn message from a woman who has launched her own virtual assistant/support business from her home country of Kenya in Nairobi. I was impressed by her confidence and the fact she was also a female business owner in an organization that supports women. I decided to meet via Zoom – also knowing we needed significant help to manage the growth in NextGroup. I was drawn to Naomi’s vision and commitment to connect professional women (and men) in Nairobi with employment opportunities that simply don’t exist locally for them. She saw that there was a highly educated and ambitious workforce that needed to be seen. She became the spokesperson for that workforce. And, NextGroup became a client of Hey Delegate the following week. Our experience with our amazing Operations Associate, Evalyne, has been fabulous. Last week we met with Naomi to check in on our account and her business. They have grown to more than 37 assistants on her team with skills in administration, social media, and bookkeeping. Hey Delegate (their new branding) now has 72 clients globally. I asked Naomi if I could profile her and her business as one of our Fierce Woman Features and of course, she said yes! (She’s an entrepreneur). Our connection with Hey Delegate and with our amazing team member Evalyne is more than a vendor/client relationship. She is a fierce woman advancing other women in her community. And, that’s the kind of ecosystem NextGroup wants to be part of and support. Here’s to a Fierce Woman – Naomi Munyasya and Hey Delegate.

Candance Chow – Founder of NextGroup