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Fierce Woman Feature – Maggie Morales

Maggie Morales, Executive Director of the Lake County Community Foundation, served on the Nonprofit Leadership Crisis panel last week, and I have wanted to spotlight her and her work. No better time than the present!  I was introduced to Maggie a few months ago, and she has already connected NextGroup with others in her network who work to advance women and leaders of color.  Maggie, a lifelong resident of Lake County, grew up in Waukegan.  She has worked in education, workforce development, and community development for more than 20 years.  Her commitment to the varied communities that make up Lake County is palpable.  She’s authentic, open, collaborative, and caring.  Maggie empowers those around her, especially aspiring leaders, to take risks and push their limits to grow.  She gives her staff and community partners latitude in making decisions and exploring opportunities freely.  And, she keeps a laser focus on mission and values all along the way.

I hope to have more opportunities to work alongside this Fierce Woman!  If you care about community development, you should get to know Maggie.  Reach out if you want an introduction!

Candance Chow, NextGroup Co-founder