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Fierce Woman Feature – Kutu Baker

“I was introduced to Kutu Baker by a very dear friend who serves with Kutu on the Board of Girl Forward (a lot of fierce woman in that organization I can tell you).  When my friend told me how amazingly smart, results oriented, and passionate Kutu is, I of course wanted ot meet her.  But when I was told she somehow is all this while being centered, reflective, and a calming presence for everyone around her – I really, really wanted to meet her. 

Kutu is currently taking a sabbatical from her 18+ year career as a human resources and talent development leader for organizations and companies in industries from healthcare and consulting to food manufacturing.  When we spoke she said that she had been in career and work overdrive mode for so many years, and realized in early 2023 that she had to pause to reset, recharge and re-evaluate how she wanted to spend the next chapter of her life and career.  Music to the NextGroup ears!

Kutu, like many other women who NextGroup supports, know that work is more than only attainment it’s about getting and giving joy in what you do and how you do it.  So how is Kutu using what is now “post great resignation” being called the “radical sabatical”?  She is using it  to breathe, explore new things, and launch her own business as career strategist and coach for women in similar stages of transformation and discovery.  

As she shared on a recent post, “This year, I answered the siren’s call to re-evaluate and re-set. It’s been good. I’ve had a lot of time to think and reflect…My reflections have led me to ponder the impact of small decisions. Most of the outcomes that we experience come from these small daily, minute by minute decisions. I specifically think about how my own choices led me to seek out my “sabbath.” I’ve discovered that I’m not alone. If you are feeling like you need a reset as you near the end of the year, check out this post from Daisy Auger-Dominguez (she/her/ella) whom I’ve been following recently. If you’re a woman in leadership approaching the end of the year, take a moment and take stock of whether or not you are living the best life that you can. I recognize it’s a privilege to take time off and most can’t. However, there are small actions you can take to create little pauses for refreshment and restoration. If your employer offers sabbaticals, take it. If you have vacation you haven’t used, book it. If you are still on the fence, let me be that friend to give you a little push. You owe it to your 2024 self and to the commitments you’ve already made for next year to show up refreshed. I hope that during this holiday season, you will give yourself the gift of a little rest.”

Wiser words never spoken!  Clearly, Kutu Baker is a Fierce Woman and I hope you take her advice. And plase seek her wisdom out direclty if you need some help along the way – I know that I will! “

-Candance Chow