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Fierce Woman Feature – Karyn Kerr Pettigrew

I am so grateful my company sent me to a TedX Talk! I didn’t realize how much this conversation would resonate with me. The speaker, Karyn Kerr Pettigrew, opened up about her journey to help us see ours.

Karyn “blew up” her life late in her career. Her life was not serving her needs but instead focused on the needs of others. She quit her corporate leadership role, divorced, and started a company. Her transparent and authentic style helped us understand it’s ok to “blow up” our lives and do what is right for YOU. She didn’t shy away from the hard work, highs, and lows she had experienced. She uses data, her brain, and her gut to make decisions. She talked about cutting things out of your life that aren’t working, saying NO, and setting boundaries.

We have all heard these concepts before, but seeing a person in front of you giving you the real story helps you to realize you can make these changes, too. Karyn spent time answering questions from the audience on all topics we could throw at her. How to quit, how to start, and how to survive and thrive. As a person who just made a big career change (and could not be happier), I am inspired to keep making complex changes and a reminder we have so many others whom we can lean on and learn from,

Shana Sternstein – Talent Acquisition at NextGroup