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Fierce Woman Feature – Julie Weber Ugarte

This week’s Fierce Woman is a fellow Evanstonian, fellow Kellogg MBA alumna, fellow
entrepreneur, and fellow mom of three, now adult, children. Julie Weber Ugarte wears these
labels proudly!

Her past experience as a business strategist and entrepreneur includes an early career in big
brand advertising and public relations for the largest firms of the time. She actually managed
the Got Milk campaign which many of us will remember fondly. Cow Cool (aka How Cool).
And, later on was instrumental in launching the “Fuel Up to Play 60” campaign that brought
thousands of school age children to more outdoor activity and healthy movement. Also, So

Julie brings a global perspective to her innovation and strategy work, having lived near the
French border in Geneva, Switzerland, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and for extended periods in
Spain. She led her own consulting firm for over 20 years which is a testament to her expertise
and perseverance as a business leader and person.

Five years ago, Julie started something that many of us hope for but area nervous to try. She
launched her latest business alongside her daughter, Madeline Dunne. EnticEdge provides
trusted strategic advising for provider groups, digital health companies, health systems,
behavioral health, pharma, life sciences, biotech, sustainability, and more.

This Fierce Woman certainly does not let the grass grow much under her feet! Here’s to Julie
Weber Ugarte!

Candance Chow, NextGroup Co-founder