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Fierce Woman Feature – Jennifer Fortney

One of the best ways for women entrepreneurs and leaders to advance is to define and cultivate your personal brand and story. We have all been told this but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Our stories are complex, layered, and multi-dimensional – of course, they are; we are WOMEN.  

That’s why I wanted to feature Fierce Woman, Jennifer Fortney, Founder of Cascade Communications. Jennifer is impressive. Consistently named one of the Top 25 PR agencies in Chicago, one of the Top 10 PR Firms for Startups in the world, and one of the Most Influential Startup PR Professionals in the World 2023, Jennifer started her business over 20 years ago, very early in her own career, and has never looked back. Building on her Fortune 1000 PR experience, Jennifer leverages her skills to help startups and small enterprises make their mark and be heard. Plus, she wrote the book on it for those she can’t reach directly, “Pitched: A Simple DIY Guide to Public Relations for Small Businesses”.

Jennifer and Cascade Communication are passionate about advancing the work of entrepreneurs, and as a female entrepreneur herself before it was chic – she is walking the walk!

Candance Chow – Founder of NextGroup