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Fierce Woman Feature – Eve Lee

I have had the good fortune to serve on the board of Community Partners for Affordable Housing which serves communities in north Cook and Lake County. 

CPAH families have the opportunity to rent and purchase homes where they live and where they want to live.  CPAH’s vision of bringing families home has been central to the work of our Fierce Woman this week, CPAH Board president and lifelong housing justice advocate Eve Lee.  

Eve has been fighting for affordability and housing opportunities for more than 30 years as the founder and leader of several organizations, including CPAH, which came together in 2019 as the merger of three longstanding housing organizations.  

Eve’s leadership represents vision, leadership, compassion, and perseverance.  And these are all qualities of a woman who is Fierce. Thank you, Eve!

Candance Chow – Founder of NextGroup