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Fierce Woman Feature – Dr. Niami Malachi

“This week’s Fierce Woman has an educational and professional background that is daunting yet in meeting her the first time, she was so engaging, humble and unassuming. ⁠

Dr. Niami Malachi has a PhD in Applied Psychology and a Masters in Forensic Psychology – daunting, right?  When she explained the work that entailed, I said you are kind of like “Wendy Rhodes” on Billions. Not totally, but she works with organizations and leaders, particularly those in patient or client-facing roles to support them organizationally. She also served as Director of Quality for one of the largest hospital and health services networks in the nation!  ⁠

Never to be still or complacent, Dr. Niami recently launched her own business, The Social Consult, where she and her partners provide leadership development, DEIB consulting, and support organizations through complex people/culture change.  Dr. Malachi, she said I can call her Niami, cares so much about taking a lens of humanity to her work with clients and in her own business which is supported by research, data, and analytics.  This combination of skills and outlook are so rare and that among many other things, I am sure, makes her a Fierce Woman!”

-Candance Chow