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Fierce Woman Feature – ChiChi Okwu

When I met ChiChi, her demeanor gave me peace and calm from the start.  ChiChi Okwu is undoubtedly a fierce woman – as the Executive Director of Everthrive, a vital organization dedicated to reproductive rights and equity, she has a compelling vision for how the organization can serve its clients while also building a culture of inclusion and support for her team.  ChiChi served on the panel for The Nonprofit Leadership Crisis, which NextGroup sponsored earlier this week. She shared the challenges of being the first woman of color as Executive Director and coming into a role that required bold, transformative leadership yesterday.  Her first lesson to us was that leaders must articulate their vision and priorities and the time and support they MUST have to bring these to fruition.  The journey of transformation has been tough, and she humbly shared that it’s not done.  Her light has come in that her team understands the why of what they are doing and is committed to where they are going together.  

If you want to connect with a visionary, thoughtful, and caring leader who shows up for the most challenging tasks, you need to meet ChiChi Okwu. I am so glad I did!

ChiChi Okwu

Executive Director, EverThrive

Candance Chow, NextGroup Co-founder