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Fierce Woman Feature – Charlie Saffro

NextGroup was recently a sponsor for TedX Wilmette where six fierce women shared their stories and educated us on topics from AI to creating an engaged workplace. The latter really sparked my interest as a sister entrepreneur and CEO for a recruiting firm and that’s why Charlie Saffro is our Fierce Women Feature this week. Charlie is CEO and Founder of CS Recruiting, a multimillion-dollar organization, and leads a team of over 40 talented recruiters. She is a recognized expert in the logistics industry (not a historically female-friendly sector), and her firm works with a diverse range of clients nationwide, including Fortune 50 companies and small to medium-sized businesses.

But Charlie’s business success is not why we are featuring her as a Fierce Woman. Her TedX speech wowed me. She rejected the outdated notion that you must keep business separate from personal.  Instead, her big idea is that “Business IS Personal – And that Prioritizing People Pays Off.”  Charlie shared how she has built her firm based on three simple tenets: 1) Ask your team what they need and what’s getting in their way; 2) Appreciate what your team does, whether big or small gestures, a thank you works wonders; and 3) Do whatever you can to include the ideas of the entire team in cultural components of the workplace.

Thank you Charlie for leading your team the way we want our clients to lead their teams!

Candance Chow, NextGroup Co-founder