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Fierce Woman Feature – Stephanie Graham

“Long-time friends and colleagues, Mavis Chin and Karen Baldeschwieler, introduced me to Steph Graham, who recently left corporate diversity recruiting to launch her own business.

Steph is deeply committed to sharing the interview methods and techniques she has developed over the last decade plus in her career with professionals early with early to mid career professionals who are passionate and determined to advance. She is particularly committed to working with women, LGBTQ+ professionals and professionals of color and supporting their journeys.

I was so impressed with Steph’s passion for the work and her ability to craft programs and service plans perfect for various levels of engagement and support. As we honor Pride month, I wanted to tip my hat to Steph and share this link to an upcoming interview with a Diego Angarati on navigating the workplace as a Gay man. Also look out for more regarding NextGroup’s partnership with Step coming this fall! Steph is definitely a Fierce Woman that you want to keep tabs on!” — NextGroup CoFounder Candance Chow