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Fierce Woman Feature – Qin (Zheng) Coe

“This week I had the honor to spend time with a truly Fierce Woman, and while we don’t know each other well (yet!), her story is one that we can all learn from….I couldn’t describe her Fierceness better than she did herself on her blog (, so here’s some more about Qin Coe, a Fierce Woman as well as a martial artist, world traveler, community weaver, and an eternal learner. 

Qin came from a humble beginning, born in a rural town in China, and learned early on to be self-reliant, and always strive for her best. She moved to the U.S. after college with $2,000 in a pouch stitched on the inside of her pants and little experience speaking conversational English. In the next 20 years, she earned a doctoral degree of Physical Chemistry from the University of Chicago and achieved professional success in finance and technology companies, ending as an executive in a start-up. 

After suffering from years of overwork and burnout, Qin took the brave step when she quit as the head of her department without another job lined up. It was startling to the system but she also felt peace in taking this big leap of faith because the training in mind-body medicine (including psychology, philosophy, science, trauma-informed healing, Eastern wisdom etc.) gave her tools to face her fear. Today, Qin helps others reach within to know themselves, their needs and desires. She serves as a coach and guide in people’s journeys of exploration and self-inquiry to understand who they truly are, and what they can be. 

For more about Qin’s journey, see her podcast on unlocking your potential here: 

Qin demonstrates how being fierce while also being kind and compassionate can be weaved together in one small but mighty person!” Candance Chow, NextGroup Co-Founder.