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Fierce Woman Feature – Pamela Mayo

“Our Fierce Woman this Friday is what we would call a professional unicorn.  Pamela Mayo is one of the only African American women business owners of a shipper/freight company in not just Chicago but in the nation, perhaps the world.  She spent much of her early career working up the ladder in the airline industry, first as a flight attendant, then in marketing and ultimately leaving those roles to take a leap of faith and launch her own business after 9/11 in air freight.  
As Pamela humbly put it to me, “Air Freight is an industry that is 100% controlled by non diverse individuals.” She attributes her success to putting in the work, being creative and dogged, and “finding safe spaces to grow the business.”

Pamela has been blessed as she says to be able to make a good living and use her resources to support work she deeply cares about. She serves on the Trustees of Ravinia and dedicates time to mentoring other young, black women in particular who want to take a different path. 

Her advice to others like her, making their way in a male dominated field: “When you get discouraged and folks tell you you can’t, take the time to find another way.  It’s there, you just have to see it.”

I was honored to spend just an hour of time with Pamela and felt like others needed to know about her wisdom, her deep joy for her work, and the role model she sets for many others who should and can follow in her footsteps.

Here’s to the Fierce Woman of Air Freight, Pamela Mayo!”” Candance Chow, NextGroup Co-Founder”

-Candance Chow, NextGroup Cofounder