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Fierce Woman Feature – Nehanda Loiseau Julot

“Starting NextGroup has led me to so many amazing Sheros and new ways of looking at the world. One of these Sheros is my new friend, neighbor and Fierce Woman, Nehanda Loisea Julot. Nehanda is a native Evanstonian who is a marketer, financial advisor and performing artist who is merging her artistic and financial expertise together to help others. Because she’s not busy enough with a young daughter and financial services career with Fidelity, she also has launched her own business called Wealth I Am ( Wealth I Am teaches financial empowerment through storytelling. What stories have shaped your value and views on wealth? Are these stories working for you now? Having been raised by a mother who worked tirelessly to make sure I always had what I needed, Nehanda’s work speaks to me. And, she’s a super cool person with a joyful spirit to boot!

If you want to learn more a)bout Nehanda and Wealth I Am join me at her upcoming Axe Throwing Event in Chicago – Yeah, you heard it right! Axe Throwing….there’s a story behind that too. She’s a Fierce Woman for sure!” — Candance Chow, Co-Founder, NextGroup