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Fierce Woman Feature – Mavis Chin

“This #FierceWomanFriday is dedicated to Mavis Chin. After advising Fortune 500 companies in management and tech consulting for 25+ years, Mavis co-founded Zenagos to offer the same kind of valuable advice to small business owners.

Every entrepreneur and business is unique. “We dig in and learn who you are, so we can give you the help you need. We could be coaching Fortune 500 executives, but we would rather work with you.”

Mavis and her team at Zenagos help entrepreneurs jumpstart their business by showing them where to focus their energy. Zenagos focuses specifically on small businesses who sell services to corporate executives (B2B).

“Zenagos is committed to helping small business owners with a specific problem, e.g., in Sales or Finance, or we can help them with broader challenges like growth/scale or exit. We can also do a general assessment of the business and make recommendations for what the owner can do to take the business to the next level.”

Participants in Zenagos’ Innovation Trek complete a structured series of exercises and receive personal coaching that revolutionizes their understanding of business in just 12 weeks. Trekkers finish the program with a plan for growth — and much greater confidence.

Mavis and her partner Karen Baldeschwieler are fierce women doing great things to support entrepreneurs better understand the inner workings of their businesses, enabling them to make more informed decisions every day,” Melanie Wright, cofounder, NextGroup