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Fierce Woman Feature – Christine Hutchinson

Christine Hutchinson is a Fierce Woman from head to heart.  

Last week, I attended the 2nd Annual Networking and Fundraising event for her brainchild, Teen Innovators. A  corporate warrior, serial entrepreneur, and mother of two boys, Christine Hutchison understands the importance of instilling creativity, confidence and connection in young teens. 

Exposing her boys to the innovative startup world inspired them to see an example of what they might become one day.  Now she has expanded that work as Teen Innovators grows to a series of camps, innovation days, and near-peer mentoring opportunities for middle school and high schoolers.

Christine has an amazing way of connecting with people of all ages and bringing out the curiosity and wonder in them.  She also has such faith in the unlimited possibilities and potential of our youth. And, what we as adults can do to open the aperture of these possibilities as widely as possible.  

To learn more about Teen Innovators, go to Teen Innovators.