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Fierce Woman Feature – Bich-Thuy Le

“We are all on a journey. Recently, I connected with a fellow Chicago Innovation mentor and Fierce Woman, Bich-Thuy Le, who’s story typifies what it takes to be resilient, persistent and dedicated in all facets of that journey. Bich-Thuy and I talked about her work, life and thoughts right now about “reinvention” for herself.

Bich-Thuy came to the US as a refugee from Vietnam. She encountered bigotry and racism even as a young girl working to make friends and grow her gifts in the US. Over time she was able to strike a balance between American and Vietnamese culture and expectations of girls/women.

Bich-Thuy excelled in everything academic and entered the male dominated field of software engineering/technology. She grew through the corporate ranks, and then left the workforce to grow her family.

Also, like many of us, she then ended up in the sandwich generation, wanting to relaunch her executive career but being tugged by the real needs of those she most cares about and cares for.

And of course, if re-imagining her career and striking the right mother, daughter, executive balance wasn’t enough. She also has a passion for helping other women in technology reach the c-suite and learn from her experiences.

Bich-Thuy’s experiences are unique and at the same time so familiar to so many of us. It can be exhausting – we all know it. Yet, her Ferocity resides in her determination to give space to each role and set a path that respects/honors them all.

I asked Bich-Thuy (often ask this question of women in transition) to think about her 2-3 “”Avatar’s””as she articulates who she is and what she uniquely brings to her career. By Avatar, I don’t mean necessarily a profile in your favorite video game but it does help to have that picture of you slicing thru obstacles on your way to achieving your goal.

No, I really more mean something akin to the hindu meaning of Avatar:

a manifestation of a deity or released soul in bodily form on earth.

I love absolutely love her avatars or aspects of her single avatar:

Innovator: Able to discern leading edge technologies that are relevant to the company’s strategic goals and create solutions that meet the business needs and provide a competitive advantage

Transformational Leader: Build empowered and motivated organizations that thrive on technical and business challenges to increase both internal and external customer satisfaction

Tactical strategist: Translate the business strategy into an executable technology roadmap that encompasses people, processes, technology, and data to take the company and it’s people to the next level.

I can’t imagine how any business looking to move forward wouldn’t want a leader with these gifts and soul. Thank you to Bich-Thuy for offering a peek into her journey and for being so Fierce!

What are your Avatars? Reflect and share as a PM to me or in comments! Let’s applaud each manifestation of deity in the world!” Candance Chow, CoFounder, NextGroup