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Talent Advisory

Organizational Expertise

The core strength of NextGroup lies in its collective experience of over 75 years in leading nonprofits and businesses. Both distinguished alumni of the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Candance Chow and Melanie Wright, bring cross-industry and cross- functional experience from nonprofit to corporate to start-up. Their mastery is crafting and nurturing successful teams tailored to diverse work environments. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a hiring manager, or a nonprofit leader, we’re equipped not just to source talent but to strategically shape the very structure of your growing team.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Lens

The NextGroup team takes an intentional yet practical approach to embedding a DEI lens in our services and counsel to employers. We not only work to bring a diverse slate of candidates to the table, but we also advocate for and challenge hiring practices that may unintentionally bias the hiring process. Additionally. NextGroup supports clients in taking a new approach to candidate evaluation that focuses on identifying transferable skills, valuing diverse experience, and tailoring the process to provide evidence of what a candidate can do vs only what they have done as markers for success.

Building Successful Teams Across Domains

NextGroup provide a community of supports and resources, from professional development to career coaching to hands-on project experience, moving you from wondering what’s next in your career to translating your skills and experience into today’s workplace. A career break doesn’t need to be the end of a career. Let us help you reimagine what’s next for you.

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A Committed Approach to DEI

Inclusive Hiring Practices

Our dedication to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) isn’t just a statement—it’s woven into our services and guidance to employers. We champion the cause of presenting a diverse group of candidates while simultaneously challenging any latent biases in hiring processes.

Transformative Candidate Evaluation

Redefining Measures of Success

At NextGroup, we believe in a holistic approach to assessing potential. We encourage clients to adopt a modern evaluation method, focusing on the identification of transferable skills and valuing diverse experiences. It’s about evidence of a candidate’s capabilities and potential, rather than just past accomplishments, making the hiring process more robust and future-oriented.