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Contract Staffing

Contract Staffing

Introducing The NextGroup Reserves

Balancing Employer and Talent Needs

NextGroup recognizes the dynamic needs of employers for high-quality, short-term talent. To meet this need and the needs of our talent network which is balancing multiple responsibilities, NextGroup is proud to launch The NextGroup Reserves.

The NextGroup Reserves is a carefully curated pool of professionals from our local community who are ready to seamlessly assist to your operation from day one, in a contract or freelance capacity.

Broad Spectrum of Services

Administrative Support

For various administrative projects.

Financial Expertise

From bookkeeping to accounting.

Marketing Mastery

Including the digital realm.

Fractional Leadership

Group or organizational leadership resources on interim or fractional basis

Data Management

Effective database management.

Fundraising Initiatives

Offering development support.

Leave Coverage

Including maternity and paternity leaves.

Diverse Professional Support

Customized Contractor Solutions

We've Got You Covered

If your specific requirement isn’t listed, worry not. We encourage employers to communicate their unique needs. Simply get in touch via our employer interest form, and we’ll craft a contractor solution tailored just for you.

Ensuring Efficient Workflows

Professionals from the NextGroup Reserves Team are adept at operating in remote or hybrid settings. At NextGroup, our role extends beyond mere talent sourcing; we actively assist in project scoping, identification of the best-fit talent, seamless onboarding, and continuous support throughout the contract duration.

Seamless Integration & Support